Transylvania Shares, our community sharing club is going strong! They could use your membership!

Last year, a group of Moving to Conservers members worked with a business coach for 6 months to develop Transylvania Shares, a sharing club.  The business opened in January and is going strong.  Here are some updates from their recent newsletter.

If you would like to learn more about Shares, how you can help by becoming a member, visit their website here:

Transylvania Shares says goodbye to Lucia Gerdes who has recently resigned from the Board of Directors in order to pursue other endeavors. We wish her well.

We welcome Gabriel Covington to the Board. Gabriel is originally from Charlotte and is presently attending Brevard College.

Also Members, here are two new items that have been donated/loaned. A bicycle repair stand and a Kneerover. Both are in excellent condition. Go to the website and check it out!

Originally posted August 24th, 2020