Why focus on zero-waste when there are so many more pressing issues?

At one of our potluck events (I sure do miss those), someone said to me, “Why so much focus on zero-waste?  There are more pressing issues.”  I have thought of that a lot.  Of all the issues I can think of, they all are impacted by working to move to a zero-waste community.

“Our goal is to eliminate the idea of waste from our mindset and to normalize a kinder existence without waste.”

John and I are moving to that mindset and it has impacted every part of our lives.  We have lived most of our life not thinking deeply about our waste.  Recycle, recycle, recycle and we were good citizens.  Items are disposable for a reason, right? Well, right we have discovered.  What we discovered and what we continue to learn is that the thought of waste is privileged.  I visit the DrawDown Project website frequently, especially the solutions page.  Here is a paragraph from the page.

Here, we present the individual solutions reviewed and assessed by Project Drawdown, including their relevant sector(s) and their impact on reducing heat-trapping gases. This list is extensive but not exhaustive, and we continue to add to it as a living project.
Specifically on the food waste page it states:  In regions of higher income, willful food waste dominates farther along the supply chain.

In my podcast interview with Naeema Muhummad, she says something like, “If white people don’t want it, you will find it here in Eastern North Carolina.”  The podcast is hard to listen to.  The impact of my waste, from the waste I throw away to the waste created by commercial meat farms I use to purchase the products of, makes other people’s lives a living hell.  Naeema was involved with a study conducted by John Hopkins University which focused on those living next to commercial hog farms in North Carolina.  John Hopkins discovered that hog urine and feces were on kitchen tables, countertops, children’s toys, and so on inside their homes!

The neighbors filed a lawsuit and North Carolina lawmakers responded by making it illegal for them to sue.  I cannot buy items I know are coating children’s toys and people’s homes, inside and out, with animal waste.

These are the things we find out as we do deep dives into finding out what impacts our waste has on others.  It takes time and dedication and there is no doubt this group, Moving to Conservers, has given us the support and love it takes to learn and take action.

The creation of Transylvania Shares, a sharing club in our community is a perfect example of how this group has helped create a business in our community that is normalizing reuse and the elimination of waste.

Moving to zero-waste is an economic development engine.  To live waste-free, we need a host of businesses that do not exist in our community.  John and I have a list of businesses we would like to see here and are working to make those a reality.

Thanks to each of you for being a part of this and for helping us.  Together we can.

Orginally posted September 14th, 2020

Transylvania Shares, our community sharing club is going strong! They could use your membership!

Last year, a group of Moving to Conservers members worked with a business coach for 6 months to develop Transylvania Shares, a sharing club.  The business opened in January and is going strong.  Here are some updates from their recent newsletter.

If you would like to learn more about Shares, how you can help by becoming a member, visit their website here:  Transylvaniashares.com

Transylvania Shares says goodbye to Lucia Gerdes who has recently resigned from the Board of Directors in order to pursue other endeavors. We wish her well.

We welcome Gabriel Covington to the Board. Gabriel is originally from Charlotte and is presently attending Brevard College.

Also Members, here are two new items that have been donated/loaned. A bicycle repair stand and a Kneerover. Both are in excellent condition. Go to the website and check it out!

Originally posted August 24th, 2020

Transylvania Shares Virtual Grand Opening scheduled for June 21st. Have stuff you want to share?

Transylvania Shares has scheduled its virtual grand opening for June 21st.  The board is working to get the website updated with items we have taken in and we are excited to share.  We are accepting donations and loans of items folks would like to contribute to the lending library. 

If you have items you would like to share, please fill out this form and we will contact you:  https://movingtoconservers.com/have-an-item-you-would-like-to-donate-or-loan-to-transylvania-shares-let-us-know/

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing more stuff with the community.

Originally posted May 18th, 2020

Motown Memories is going zero-waste again and we need help

Last year, the Motown Memories fundraiser went zero-waste and as a result, we now have Transylvania Shares sharing club in our community.  They have asked if we will make the event zero-waste again and we said, “You bet!”

We need help.  The event is on April 25th from 6 – 10 pm and we have a few tasks we still need filling.  Families are welcome and encouraged.  We love teaching folks how to move to zero-waste.  Please email Kim at [email protected] or call 828-966-5367 for more information.  Thanks!

Origianlly posted March 2nd, 2020

Our Sharing Library and Food Scrap Diversion work is going strong in our community!

Our Sharing Library and Food Scrap Diversion work is going strong in our community!

Another step towards a zero-waste community!

Moving to Conservers has an inventory of donated items given to us to promote re-use and zero-waste. Currently we have dishes, complete sets of china and lots of silverware. Folks are borrowing it and we are so happy! They are also asking if we have a home for the food scraps they collect at their event! Yes! We do we say! As we start looking at ways to make our sharing library a permanent part of our community please feel free to ask to use our items. If you have food scraps as a result of your event and are looking for a home for them (other than the landfill) please let us know. We are happy to help!